Monday, 10 March 2008

The Vatican Wants to Battle Global Warming (but still seems OK with the whole paedophilia-thing)

And y'know, they're God's representatives, so that means... God fucks little boys.
David Cross

In a Reuters news story today, it was reported that the Vatican has listed "new sins". The new sins include pollution and drug trafficking. Apparently in between covering up clergical paedophilia and warning aids ridden countries that condoms truly are the "new evil", the Vatican has found time to turn green. Reuters tells us: "Under Benedict and his predecessor John Paul, the Vatican has become progressively "green".

It seems to have become a habit for the Vatican to change it's policy on different issues lately. It wasn't long ago that they retracted the famous concept of "limbo". Limbo being the place where babies went if they died without baptism. On the back of this new policy I was reminded of comedian David Cross' rant about the whole "Catholic priests raping little boys"-story. If you don't feel like listening through the whole thing (about 10 minutes long) I'll give you the gist of his point. Cross says that since the priests are God's representatives on earth, performing God's will, that must mean that God also likes to rape little boys. He goes on to say that this might give some nice closure to parents who struggle with the issue of having lost a son at an early age. He's clearly up in heaven servicing God! As I see it, since the retraction of "limbo" Cross' theory has never been more valid.

Oh, the Vatican - you surely are the moral beacon of light!

So, I guess the point of this entry was to take away the pleasure the Vatican might have gotten from this one good press statement. They don't deserve it. Sure it's good to be environmentally conscious. But if Hitler had used solar-energy powered death showers instead of gas chambers to kill jews, would he have a better rep today? I will never forget what the Vatican have done (and gotten away with) in the past, and neither should you.

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maria said...

There's no more Limbo? Good, I always hated that game.

mcmoogol said...

Hehe, I'm sure the dead babies weren't that psyched about it either :-)

wala said...

they want to clean the physical pollution while what they really need to take into consideration is th mental pollution they made into peoples minds , since god's victims are way more than methane , co1 , co2 and acid rain all together.

mcmoogol said...

So true...