Friday, 7 March 2008

Hillary Clinton "...a monster"

Behind every successful man stands a surprised mother-in-law.

According to Scottish (duh!) newspaper "The Scotsman" an Obama-advisor by the name of Samantha Power called Hillary Clinton a monster during a recent interview in London. The comment was apparently made "off the record". Today I ask why?

And if you thought I was asking "why did she call Hillary Clinton a monster?", you're wrong. I'm wondering why Power had to go off record with her comment? It's pretty plain for all to see, isn't it? She is a monster.

Riding on the back of the most famous blowjob in history, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her candidacy for President back on January 20, 2007. Being the wife of the man who recieved the now infamous blowjob, she found herself to be viable to run for the most important job in the world. For a long time it seemed like she was right. It looked like she had it in the bag. But then people woke up and realized that having a husband who gets blowjobs from rather overweight jewish girls isn't really that special (maybe except for the jewish-thing).

People have continuously criticized Obama for not having substance. The major source of this criticism have come from the Clinton-campaign, and little miss sunshine - Hillary herself. My dictionary define the word "substance" with among other desprictions, these two:

"...the actual matter of a thing, as opposed to the appearance or shadow; reality."

"...something that has separate or independent existence."

If the words "Hillary Clinton" could be found in a dictionary, I'm pretty sure those two defintions would be nowhere in sight. Heck (!), I'm pretty sure the definition would be the exact opposite of those. How about something like this:

Mcmoogol's dictionary (1st edition)
Hillary Clinton -
"...the appearance of an actual matter of a human, but is actually a shadow of her husband."

"...a woman who's existence would be impossible were it not for her husband."

"...a monster."

Ok, so I added that last one for fun, but it's fun because it's true. So next time Samantha Power or anybody else want's to call Hillary Clinton a monster, do it on the record! Just refer people to Mcmoogol's dictionary (1st edition).

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Anonymous said...

You ROCK! The ticket I would like to see is Obama/Edwards. Think there is any chance of that?

mcmoogol said...

Well, I definitely agree with you - that would be a mighty good ticket! But I doubt we'll see it, though. I'm guessing Edwards mentally cheched out of VP-mode in 2004, but who knows - it could happen.