Monday, 24 March 2008

The Christians Ruined My Day of Shopping!

Business is the salt of life.

Ok, so I'm back from the land of the free and the home of the (not so?) religious. Mcmoogol is a bit jetlagged right now, so he will give you the full rundown of the trip tomorrow. I will, however, point to something interesting I found out on my little easter getaway.

When christians remember the resurrection of their lord and saviour (Mcmoogol vaguely remembers his name as starting with a "J" and ending a "sus"), they like to do it while shopping. Sunday was our last day in the americas, and being as we probably are the least religious people on this planet, we figured we would have a nice relaxing last day of shopping. Earlier in the week we had visited the same shopping mall, and found it to be quite busy. Seeing as we then thought sunday would be a day of worship for what we thought was a very religious people, we decided to come back then. No such luck was granted to us. The place was packed! Probably more packed than I've ever seen a shopping mall. There wasn't a parking space in sight, and to just get into a store you had to at least elbow three elderly women, and a couple of snot-nosed kids. It was awful.

So I guess being religious in America means the same on easter sunday as it does on every other day of the year - being a pain in my ass.

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1 comment:

SoccerMom said...

And these mall hypocrites are the first ones out the door of their 9 to 5s and the first ones to whine when they have to work a "Holiday" day. Forbid they should miss a shopping day.