Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Atheist Survives Black Magic Attack

The New Age? It's just the old age stuck in a microwave oven for fifteen seconds.
James Randi

On March 3rd a Indian television show took an unexpected turn as guest Sanal Edamaruku, a famous atheist, challenged one of India's most "powerful" tantrik masterlords (or whatever they're called) to try out his supposed "powers" on Edamaruku. He did this after the tantrik had professed that he could kill a man in just three minutes, using only witchcraft. "Amazingly" Edamaruku is still alive today.

The witchcraft-session started out as being just a three minute thing, however, since the tantrik failed to kill Edamaruku in three minutes, the session continued. The show was extended, and all other programming on the channel was cancelled. The tantrik tried wawing his arms, throwing water on Edamaruku and even flashing a knife in his face. Nothing worked. The tantrik then proclaimed that his subject must have a very powerful god protecting him, Edamaruku quickly replied "I doubt it, I'm an atheist".

In the end the tantrik gave up, but said that he knew of one method that would definitely kill Edamaruku, but it had to be done outside and at night. The television show said "ok", and scheduled an airing that same night. After jamming away all night with almost exactly the same methods, Edamaruku was still alive. The tantrik masterlords hold a great deal of power over people in India, but at least some of that illusion was shattered that night.

Hopefully this, and countless other similar examples, will soon sink into the minds of people who believe that any supernatural entity exists. No matter if its god, muhammed or the supposed "powers" of everybody from psychics to tantrik masterlords.

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Dan said...

Sounds like a tantric PR shambles - they been using the same agency as Hilary?

mcmoogol said...


However, she seems to have learnt to shut these last weeks - which, of course, is nice.

Ambrosiality said...

really nice he didn't die.

but to each his own belief.

Dan said...

I bet he was pleasantly suprised as well!

Anonymous said...

Iteresting, i like stopping by to read your blog offers a window to me that I normally keep closed

Dan said...

Hey! when you posting again!



mcmoogol said...

I don't know, got a bit bored with the whole "chasing readers"-scheme.

I'll probably hit the keyboard again when summer is over, the light "drizzle" returns, and everything infuriates me once more.

Appreciate the thought, though. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner.


low cost insurance said...

Geez, this story had me laughing out loud. The guy didn't kill him on television with three minutes so they alloted more time to try and kill the atheist. How funny. This sounds as kooky as some of those hilarious japanese tv shows.